Mighty Oaks programs: Tutorials, E-Day, and Dance.

Mighty Oaks

Tutorials and High School

Our Tutorial courses are for grades 6-12.  These classes are a full credit-worthy curriculum course taught by a paid, expert instructor.  Fees for these courses are higher and purchase of textbooks are required. Course options include: US history, English, chemistry, psychology, Spanish, ASL, home economics, and public speaking and debate.

I like hanging out with my friends as well as learning Science, Spanish, and History.

Fowler Vick

Graduating Class 2022

  The Tutorials and High School classes are where your kiddos will get their credits. These classes are not included in the E-day program and they are harder. The teachers are experienced in their field and subject and teach well. The teachers are also encouraging and uplifting.

High-school 2022

Mighty Oaks has shaped me into who I am. I have made lifetime relationships and memories there. I’ve grown my relationship with Christ through every class. I am forever thankful for co-op the person it made me.

-Hannah Osburn, Class of 2022


Our E-day (enrichment and exposure) is for grades K-8.  Students rotate through various unit studies covering electives, fine arts, geography and world cultures, and gym and recreation games, etc.  Costs are minimal and parents must serve a fair share of the duty load by helping teach, assist classes, hold babies, clean up, proctor study hall, etc.  

The E-day learning program is all about having fun, making friends, and learning. Here is where the kids from grades Pre-k to High School go. There are three learning periods and then lunch. In past years, in these three periods, the kids have learned geography, world culture, days of creation and the world, physical education, art, and music. Then during lunch, the kids get to enjoy time talking to their friends while eating lunch and playing on the playground equipment or using the gaga ball pit.


-Jax McCann, age 8.


Mighty Oaks has partnered with Hope Dance and Arts to offer dance classes for students of all ages and skill levels. Dance is offered on Thursday afternoons and Friday afternoons at two different locations.

Here at Mighty Oaks Homeschool dance class, the kids get to dance and have a great time. As they dance they worship and praise the Lord by using the talents he has given them. These dance classes aren’t like any other. Here at the MOC dance classes, all these kids get to laugh, play, dance and just have fun. The classes are taught by Lucy Jones, our own Mighty Oaks mother, and her assistants. As the kids try their best to learn, Lucy does her best to encourage them. Lucy and her assistants make sure to choose songs and dances that are glorifying to the Lord.

For more information contact Lucy Jones at : [email protected]

It’s great and fun and requires a lot of work and dedication but it also helps me stay humble and work as a team with my other teammates.

-Victoria Jones

I love dance because of the people, they are so supportive. And I love being able to express my feelings through the movements.

-Ella Rose Heath

Not only is mrs Lucy’s dance class fun, it’s also a place where you can learn to dance well and modestly! We learn several routines and have a blast everytime!

Chloe McCann